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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gray Hawk Down

The arrival of the Sharp-Shinned Hawk at the Downey household created quite a stir.
The following day after sighting a hawk eating one of our songbirds, we found a dead hawk in our driveway. We aren't sure how the guy died, but it wasn't pretty.

When we checked again, something had carried him off. Nary a feather remained.

The laws of the forest prevail. I would believe that if we lived in a forest... the desert, I guess, also has its rules. The old adage, "Birds of a feather stick together.." only applies until the hawk appears.

We all experience hawk sightings in our lives. We run, but sometimes we can't hide.
We need to look the hawk in the eye and settle the score. I know, I know...the hawk is big and scary and has sharp talons... but we need to understand our fears and face them head on.

We study the hawk and learn his habits... particularly his feeding habits. Once we understand the hawk, we no longer fear him, we know him. Armed with this knowledge, we move forward living side by side with the hawk. We know who he feeds on and why. We don't make ourselves fodder for the nest. We are no longer victims of the hawk. He doesn't even give us a second glance. And for that matter, we don't even consider having him for lunch either!


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