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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Meeting the Hawk Halfway

Yesterday my husband, Mike, saw a hawk in our backyard munching on a sparrow. We live in the foothills of the Franklin Mountains- the beginning (or the end) of the Rockies in the United States.

Thanks to our son-in-law, Scott, who lives in Alaska with our daughter, Rebecca, we learned that this is a Sharp-shinned Hawk. I plan to attach a photo of him with this post, but Mike took the picture through two panes of glass- hence it is not as crisp as we would like.

Having a Hawk for a neighbor- even just if it is until April when they head north- is daunting. I first thought, is our cat, OJ, safe?

Probably, because this Hawk- or a Sharpie- as they are called, is only about 15 inches long. Would you believe the female is larger than the male? Hawks and other predator
birds mate for life. So his lady love is not far away.

We must now accept the fact that our sparrows, finches, and wrens are at risk. I don't think he would take on our pair of morning doves. But who knows?

We must shake hands with the Hawk and let Mother Nature work. Even if it is hard to see the tiny little creatures being caught in midair. The laws of nature must be respected.

Perhaps I'll name him "Hank." It seems only appropriate since he has now become part of our family.


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