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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Secret Life of the "Foodie"

Lately I am hearing of more and more addictions to the Food Network. I thought my husband and I were the only ones who had given up watching the evening news for Emeril Live! Rachel Ray is on the fast track to mogulville with her three shows about food, her magazine and now a talk show.

What is this obsession with food? Since my husband has semi-retired, he has enjoyed preparing meals. We trade off on the food prep. Chopping and slicing delivers a sense of control. At least we have control over this one act, today. Neither of us may not be able to end war and solve the problem of world hunger, but we can saute and grill with the best of them.

Cooking is a creative act. It is necessary to concentrate on the tasks at hand, less one cuts a finger or burns an arm. Cooking forces one to concentrate on food and to imagine the end result as one of great pleasure.

As Emeril once said, " Who knew that we could create a whole network around food?"

We need outlets on this planet that in the simple act of 'doing' actually restores us to wholeness and sanity.

Try your hand in the kitchen. Invent a new recipe and submit it here!


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